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Analysis and Evaluation of Railroad Transport in Bulgaria

Railway transport is a convenient, reliable, safe and, above all, environmentally sustainable mode of transport. With its socio-economic benefits and environmental efficiency, it contributes to the achievement of the EU's cohesion policy objectives for the transport systems of the different Community Member States. Improving railway passenger transport services is one of the aspects of sustainable development that covers the process of satisfying the needs of public services, work practices and enterprise management. This report presents the main indicators for assessing the quality of transport services and specifies the principles that must be followed in order to provide a better transport service to the population of the country. An evaluation matrix for the transport service of BDZ Passengers is presented and recommendations on the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of the functioning of passenger rail transport in the country in economic and social terms are summarized. Keywords - Strategy, Assessment Methods of External Aerie, Analysis of Transport System.