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The General Conditions of Learning Style, Design Thinking and Content Marketing of Social Enterprise Entrepreneurs

This research aims to study the general condition of learning style, Design Thinking, and Content Marketing of social enterprises. The sample group used in this research was 26 entrepreneurs from social enterprise. Besides, research tools for data collection are the Learning Style Test and the Questionnaire of Experience towards the knowledge of Design Thinking, as well as Content Marketing for social enterprise. The researcher has analyzed data by using Means, Percentage, and Descriptive data analysis. The research revealed that (1) 53.85% of the sample group had the best learning style by using visual senses (2) 61.54% of the samples understood that Design Thinking is necessary for social enterprise (3) 57.70% of the sample group had experience towards Design Thinking in their operations (4) 76.92% of the samples thought that they had acknowledged the moderate level of Design Thinking (at 38.46%) and at a low level (38.46%) (5) 73.08% of the sample had experience in doing content marketing (6) 80.77% of the sample did content marketing continuously until recently (7) 84.62% of the sample wanted Content Marketing and (8) 88.46% of sample groups doing Content Marketing by themselves. Keywords - Design Thinking, Content Marketing, Learning Style, Social Enterprise Entrepreneurs