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Self-Directed Learning Readiness: A Survey of Undergraduates from Western Rajabhat Universities in Thailand

The objectives of the research were to1) investigatethe levels of self-directed learning readinesof the students from western Rajabhat universities in Thailand, and2) comparethe levels of self-directed learning readiness among the students’ certain criteria. Respondentsincluded 326 undergraduate students from western Rajabhat universes in Thailand. The research tool was a self-evaluation form, assessing self-directed behaviorsthat the students had and perceived about themselves. The statistics employed in the study were Mean, Standard Deviation, andIndependent Sample t-test. The findings discovered that (1) the students’ self-directed learning readiness was at a high level overall (very often occurring, mean =3.58, S.D.=0.88).The highest level was on Learning Goal Determination Behaviors (most oftenoccurring, mean =3.87,S.D.=0.77) whereas the lowest level was on Self-Assessment and Self-Needs Determination Behaviors (least often occurring, mean = 3.22, S.D.=0.93), (2) the levels of self-directed learning readiness between that of male and female showed no significant difference overall (p = .05).When taking each behavior into account, the self-directed learning readiness levels onSelf-Assessment and Self-Needs Determination Behaviors of male and female students were significantly different (p=.05) but the remaining behaviors were insignificantly different (95% probability). Keywords - Self-Directed Learning Readiness, Self-Perceptions, Thai Western Rajabhat Universities