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Model of Entrepreneurship Career-Intention Development Problems using ANP Method: Case Study: College Students in North Sumatera-Indonesia

This study aims to find a modeling problem of Entrepreneurship Career-Intention for Higher Education Students in North Sumatra. The research found that the Development Problem Model is divided into internal and external problems. The internal priority problems are the problems of firm-performance, self-efficacy, knowledge, and moral-norm. The main problem of firm performance is the problem of total sales and profit-margin. The main problems of self-efficacy are prior experience, perceived desirability, and the problem of family business background. The main problems of knowledge are the problem of business planning, start-up-based business, technology, and the use of IT. The main problems of the moral norm are the issue of religiosity and benefits for society. The main external problems are the problem of entrepreneurial university support and government problem. The main problems of entrepreneurial university-support are the experience-lecturer problem, support in business plans, outsider experience-trainer, and incubator problem, and the government's main problems are funding-support issues and policy issues. Keywords - Entrepreneurship, Student Career-Intention