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Parametric Study on Continuous Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Bars Modeled on ANSYS

Fiber Reinforced Polymers are emerging as a promising material to be used in civil engineering; it has proven its way in strengthening and retrofitting existing structures but to be used as reinforcing bars instead of the regular steel bars in a concrete structure, still has not been widely used yet. One of these structural elements that have been not yet well studied is the continuous beam reinforced with FRP bars. Hence in this paper; a Finite Element Model was established using ANSYS software. This finite element model adopted here investigated the influence of concrete strength, bar diameter, axial stiffness and stirrups’ spacing on the continuous reinforced concrete beam. Those parameters and their influence were studied against the deflection to further understand their effect to recommend the perfect scenario for the beam to minimize its deflection. Keywords - Continuous Beam, FRP Bars, ANSYS, ECP, ACI, CSA