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The Analysis of Guidelines for the Rehabilitation Methods of Tourism and Hospitality Businesses in Pattaya during the Coronavirus Epidemic

Thailand has been economically contributed as per the national income that has been generated by the tourism and hospitality industry until the outbreak of Coronavirus recently emerges and effectuates the economic recessions nationwide inevitably. The impacts of this crisis are severely tragic to businesses as well as the rehabilitation processes are in turmoil. Therefore, this research is established and aimed at simplifying the newfangled guidelines of the tourism and hospitality businesses under the analysis of impacts, external influences, marketing tools, and adaptabilities, then proposing a consensus of guidelines. Withal, data are gathered by interviews under the purposive sampling with the number of 10 interviewees domiciling in Pattaya, Chonburi. The results are under the evaluation of 4 thematic instructions as a descriptive context and propose a diagram of business rehabilitation guidelines by emphasizing the repetitive core phrases that occurred the most. The researchers found out that several businesses have encountered major issues including the closure of business, the shortage of revenues, and the decrease of international tourists in which these issues affect business in reforming the business model together with redefining the marketing elements and the business strategies. Keywords - Coronavirus, Impact, Rehabilitation