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IOT based Agricultural Monitoring using Embedded System

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) predicted that the population in Australia will increase from 24.6 million to 40.1 million in 2050, a 63% increase in the current population. To cater to the growing demand in food supply, smart agriculture methods should be implemented. Around 80% of agriculture in Australia is dependent on human labor. This creates a need to automate the system as it is cost-effective and can yield higher productivity. To simulate a similar system, a small area was grown with wheat and monitored using Master-slave architecture using Arduino. The Arduino board was interfaced with sensors of temperature, moisture and humidity that would sense the data hourly and send it to the master node using Lora which could be viewed remotely. The data was collected over a month and analyzed. This paper emphasizes on monitoring a small home-grown agricultural crop- wheat (Australia’s largest agricultural crop) with smart farming techniques using IoT. Keywords - Agriculture Monitoring, Automation, IoT, LoRa, Data Analysis.