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The Development of Human Capabilities in the Thailand 4.0 era. The Empirical Study: The Royal Phuket Marina Hotel

The purpose of this research is to (1) to study the capacity building of the organization to keep up with the changes in the use of technology and innovation in the 4.0 (2) to study the strategic direction of the organization's staff training model (3) To study technology learning skills in the 4.0 era and corporate culture or multi-culture That is applied in the organization The sample used in the research was 59 employees from the Royal Phuket Marina Hotel. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire constructed by the researcher with a reliability of 0.95. The statistics used for data analysis were the frequency, percentage, and average value of standard deviation. The findings indicated that (1) The quantity of computers is sufficient Overall is at a high level. And cultural conflicts in the organization are at a low level (2) The personal characteristics of employees in terms of gender, age, work experience, educational background, and overall position are different. (3) The research results which can be used as a guideline to develop the potential of personnel in the organization to keep up with the 4.0 era of the employees by being able to meet the needs of the employees and should focus on explaining, communicating, and creating financial incentives Keywords - Education, Development, Potential Development