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A Model of fast-food Consumption Behavior of Gen-Y Tourists in Phuket

This research is to study the marketing factors affecting the fast food consumption behavior of people in Phuket. To study the behavior and compare the opinions towards fast food of consumers in Phuket. The research model was quantitative research and qualitative research. Use the concept of satisfaction. The concept of environmental factors the research area is Muang, Phuket. The sample group was consumers who used the service of fast food restaurants. Is people aged 15 years and over in Phuket Province, 150 people. Using a sampling method the research tool was a questionnaire. Data were analyzed using reference statistics in a quantitative research case. And using content analysis and writing a descriptive narrative in a qualitative research case. The research results were found that Fast food is delicious. The price is worth the quality received. They are cheaper than some foods. Delivery service is available. Convenience and speed in choosing to buy and service the most. Can be easily bought Most people use KFC restaurants the most. The type of fast food that consumers choose to eat the most is fried chicken. The main reason for choosing a fast food restaurant is to be persuaded by friends. Consumers tend to use the service a lot from 4:01 PM to 6:00 PM, gaining attention and influence from advertising media. It is also a food that is suitable for the current social conditions. This research will be useful for making fast food choices for a healthy mindset. And for the benefit of studying consumer behavior and then use it in the development of fast food restaurant business in franchise category. Keywords - Consumption behavior , Fast food , Consumer , Phuket