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Design and Development of a Web-Based Graduate Tracer Application Using Clustering Technique of Data Mining

In this digital age, data plays a crucial role in the development of technology. Universities collect a vast amount of data from their alumni by answering surveys online or by filling out a form provided in the school. Data gathered through the aforementioned data gathering processes are stored in excel files and some are in the piled-up papers. These data are collected for the universities’ future reference. The web-based graduate tracer application is designed and developed using a clustering technique in software development methodology that provides a different graphic approach that the users can visually see. In conclusion, the web-based graduate tracer application was able to store and utilize the gathered data from the various users that are only accessible to the university itself. Second, the web-based graduate tracer provided an efficient and accessible way to answer the survey online removing the conventional way of pen and paper when answering a survey form. Lastly, the developed software turned all the data acquired into useful information that can generate reports using clustering analytics for a visual approach to understanding the data that were required by the universities and enabled them to predict, analyze, and to monitor the alumni’s answers on the survey forms. Keywords - Clustering Technique, Data mining, Web-based Application