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Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on Improving English Language Standards in Sri Lankan Schools

English has now become the bedrock not only for quality education but also as an endorsement to enter the local and foreign job markets. However, according to available statistics of the Department of examinations Sri Lanka, performance of English at G.C.E. (O/L) is the lowest compared to other subjects. A research has been undertaken to find out the reasons for the same as the schools have been getting equal support from the authorities since independence. This research based on the post modernism perspective of the Critical theory is of the view that socio-economic disparities may not give the same impact to some segments of the societies as they are vulnerable to get affected from their neighboring community. Hence, post modernism argues that although social disparities exist, still social justice is feasible with alternative arrangements to be fair by such victims. Hence objective of this pilot study is to investigate whether the above hypotheses and the research instruments and the findings are valid to carry out the field research in all related provinces. Thus, the pilot study was conducted based on mixed method using primary as well as secondary data. Likewise, primary data was collected through questionnaires, observations, interviews, and focus group discussions whereas secondary data was collected mainly from published sources such as Central Bank Reports and Ministry of Education, Department of Census and Statistics and relevant publications. Similarly, some of the secondary data was also collected from some authentic published sources. Thus three types of schools from one education zone were selected based on the demand and the popularity of the schools and the socio economic status of the stake-holders to identify whether socio-economic status of the stake-holders has any direct influence specifically on performance in English language. Findings of the pilot study reveals that the hypotheses as well as the instruments are acceptable to move forward without any drastic changes. Keywords - Socio-Economic Status, Motivation, Dedication, Commitment, Teacher Training