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Sexism Sells - Gendered Visual Language and Faludi’s Gendered Roles in South African Women’s Magazines – Analyzing The “Daddy’s Girl”

Abstract - In Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women [1] Susan Faludi claims that advertisements, through an omnipresent propaganda war, have succeeded in adapting the desires and directing the interests of women towards subordinate undertakings and pursuits resulting in women taking on a constant victimised state. This research aims to investigate these claims against the backdrop of existing print advertisements found in South African women’s July 2019 magazines. An in-depth content analysis of 75 print advertisement appearing in the 20 investigated women’s fashion, fitness and lifestyle magazines was conducted in demonstrating whether Faludi’s [1] outlined gendered roles namely “the daddy’s girl; the fluttery romantic; the active nester and the passive love object,” still manifest in depictions of women in advertising. This paper will focus on the “daddy’s girl” infantilization case. In so doing, a comment on the visual language of gendered depiction of women in magazines will be provided. Keywords - Daddy’s Girl, Gendered Visual Language, Gender Roles, Women’s Magazines