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Doing Business with Idioms: A New Idiom-Translation Model

The present study is translationally oriented focusing primarily on the English-Greek translation of idiomatic expressions found in the financial press. More specifically, a 101,202-word sample of 2009 Greek news material taken from the Sunday edition of Kathimerini newspaper, translated from the newspaper The Economist, is contrasted with its source version in respect of the way idiomatic expressions are rendered. The psychological dimension of idioms is foregrounded and a new idiom typology is proposed resting primarily on semantic and pragmatic criteria. Adopting a contextualized view of idiomaticity, this study departs from previous ones in that it specifically links idiom translation to House’s functional-pragmatic model of translation evaluation which draws from the Hallidayan register analysis of field, tenor and mode and by doing so it pinpoints the emerging need of translators to become preoccupied with the context of the idiom as well as the whole co-text. Seen in this light, a new idiom-translation model which makes allowance for syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, cognitive and genre considerations is proposed. Keywords - Business With Idioms, English-Greek Translation of Idiomatic Expressions