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Solid Waste Management and Water Quality Matters for Effective Environmental Sanitation in South-Western Nigeria: Ekiti State Experience

Waste management is extremely vital for sustainable development, water quality, groundwater preservation and environmental sustainability. This paper examined diverse kinds, uniqueness and solid wastes management in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The methodology adopted was secondary data from literatures, questionnaire administration and interview of staff of Waste Management Board and stakeholders in selected communities of the study area. It was found out that wastes management in the state needs drastic improvement to avert health, financial, social, technical, environmental and economic issues. The study revealed that water quality of surface and groundwater has been affected by inadequate solid waste management. It has been concluded that solid waste management needs adequate attention for renewable energy, health and wealth.. Also, solution to pollution was not dilution as there are a lot of health issues around rivers in the state. It has been recommended recycling and reuse of wastes should be encouraged in the state as a means of wastes minimization for better environment and water quality improvement. Keywords - Development, Waste Management, Ekiti State, Water Quality, Environmental Sustainability