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Furfural Evaluation of Pretreations in Three Varieties of Biomass

The importance that the use of biomass brings with it nowadays provides a positive change, due to the reduction of environmental impacts to flora, soil and living beings, which affects the biological chain, therefore, this work has as an objective to carry out a comparative evaluation at a pilot level of pretreatments of three varieties of lignocellulosic biomass for obtaining furfural; These resources are sugarcane bagasse, rice husk and corn cob. The results revealed that the furfural obtained corresponds to a concentration of 1.75 g/L of the three resources in quantities of 200, 206 and 222 milliliters respectively, in acid hydrolysis it was treated with acid concentrations at 6%, 8% and 10%, resulting in an adequate acid concentration of 8%, in the HPLC analysis the highest concentration of furfural that was obtained was 2.75 g/L, which corresponds to the rice husk and with a yield of 42.96%. The relationship between the composition of hydrolysates (three varieties of biomass) and the yields of furfural was obtained, from an optimization process design with input raw material of 2021.3 g in a stabilization time for minute 16 reaching a maximum production of furfural equivalent to 3 liters, using as physical and chemical pretreatments such as alkaline and acid hydrolysis and LHW (liquid hot water). Keywords - Biomass, Acid Hydrolysis, Sugarcane Bagasse, Rice Husk, Corn Husk, Pretreatment, Furfural