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Investigating the Effect of Organizational & Job Related Factors on Turnover Intention: An Applied Study on Outsourced Technicians of Telecom Egypt

The Focus of this research is the turnover intention of outsourced customer service technicians in Telecom Egypt Company’s subsidiaries all over Egypt. By examining the effect of (Organizational-related factors and Job-related factors) on the outsourced technician’s turnover intention. Given the issue of Telecom Egypt company's decision to use outsource as a way of cost saving and the increase of turnover of the outsourced technicians. The research followed applied research. The methodology based on quantitative analysis by using a questionnaire tools to gather required data and Structural equation modeling (SEM) as a statistical analysis technique. The results revealed the organizational and job-related factors influencing the turnover intention the implications and future research directions are discussed through paper. Keywords - Technicians, Outsourcing, Turnover Intention, Organizational Related Factors, Job Related Factors.