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Benefits and Challenges of E-commerce in Malaysia due to Post COVID-19

The determinants of e-commerce success in a country is based on the infrastructure of the IT, Socio economic condition, connection of internet and government regulation and initiatives. The materials are reviewed from the Journal databases, findings are extracted and Figure 1 summarized the research approach with three clusters and three key questions. The advantages of adopting E-commerce; improves customer retention with Real-Time Analytics of Customer Behaviour, business substituted using an automated machine such as RFID and blockchain, access to real time information and ability to track shipments and efficient inventory management cross the entire supply chain. The challenges of adopting E-commerce in Malaysia during Covid-19 pandemic; includes facing a major supply chain disruption, implementation of policy and regulation causeunstable unemployment level, demanding contactless delivery and familiarizing cashless payment. Therefore, this paper concludes that businesses can no longer overlook E-commerce implication; incapable firms that fails to cope with E-commerce fall behind due to lack of improvement in their operational efficiencies across the entire supply chain. However, there are many concerns and challenges in terms of political, legal and ethics to be addressed in Malaysia. Keywords - Coronavirus (Covid-19), Digitalisation, E-commerce, Consumer Behaviour, Supply Chain