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How to Implement the Training Needs Analysis? Make Good use of Course Planning to Connect Organizational Goals and Training Needs

Training needs analysis is the key to the success of education and training and is an essential part of the training planning process. However, traditional enterprises do not consider organizational goals when doing training programs. This study will explore this issue to clarify how companies implement the training needs analysis.Through job analysis, we find out the functional gaps of existing staff and plan courses to enhance each department's ability to achieve business goals and the company's continuous growth. When HR staff were asked to write a job description, the study found respondents were reluctant and not cautious to fill in the form. Due to the repetitive job content surveys conducted in the past and the many changes in the company's organizational structure, it often led to inconsistencies in job duties and authority, making it challenging to conduct a job analysis. Therefore, this study recommends that we first identify the organizational structure, departmental responsibilities, and then establish a working group to implement the job analysis plan to clarify the main objectives of the job analysis and gain full attention and support of the departments. Few studies mentioned the prerequisites of job analysis, which led companies to implement it rashly. The contribution of this study is that when an organization has a certain level of stability. Workflow and departmental responsibilities are clearly defined. Job analysis can only be carried out when both are on track so that further planning can be carried out to address the needs of the curriculum, and education and training can be linked to corporate objectives and functional requirements. Keywords - Training Needs Analysis, Job Analysis, Job Description