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Land Information System with the Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System in Kennedy Estate- Bomana, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

The efficacy of land information system in this research is general about digital cadastral database for land records. In most cases lack of land information records results in land disputes or legal issues. Hence this research uses advanced technologies of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) to identify most accurate or efficient way of land information database management. The parameters such as digitization of spatial data, entering of land record information and integrate of spatial and nonspatial datasets. The objectives of this research include: For Database Management record for all land use attributes for cadastral records and mapping, to digitize spatial data that represents the legal boundaries of land tenure and provides a vital base layer for integration into spatial information system, to design development plan map of area under study based on types of land use/cover analysis and finally, to map out the individual maps of different categories of land records and land use/cover map. The remote sensing of study area of Landsat satellite data together with Department of Lands and Physical Planning data sets are used for digitization and entering of data in ArcGIS software for database land information linking to different category land information maps and land use/land cover mapping. The results indicate that there is potential ability to increase the volume of land record information of an allotment/portion in geodatabase. The final results indicate the essential of database land records integrating with digitize maps on ArcGIS which can be link to Desktop and website publication for query purpose using structure query language (SQL) support system of the study area. This study is recommended for future research on geodatabase land records linking to structure query language (SQL) support system for Desktop query and web site publication. Keywords - GIS, Remote Sensing, Digital Cadastral Database for Land Records, Spatial Database Management, Land Use and Land Cover Maps, Land Records Information Database, Geodatabase integration.