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Decision Matrix: An Effective Tool in Decision Making Process

Problems faced in today's world require competent individuals making accurate and reliable decisions on complex problems in multiple environments. In decision making process, individuals should find the optimal solution. Unfortunately, an optimal solution exists only if the problem has just one criterion. However, in real life almost every problem has more criteria and some conflicts. Therefore, everyone needs to rely on scientific techniques in their decision-making processes. In this study, the effect of decision matrices on decision making process were investigated by evaluating the results of two completely differentsample groups. This study was carried out with the participation of 37 students studying in the engineering faculty of a private university in Cyprus and 30 students from a public university in Turkey.The data were obtained from Melbourne decision making questionnaire and decision matrices including 4 different scenarios by using survey method. Melbourne decision making questionnaire and decision matrices results were evaluated quantitatively by using SPSS program. In the study, no significant relationship was found between students' Melbourne test results and decision matrices results indicating that using decision matrices will enable engineering students to give more realistic decisions about real life problems according to given criteria. Keywords - Decision matrix, Underground Education, Melbourne Decision Making Scale, Decision Making Style, Problem Solving.