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The Distribution Network Framework for Patients’ Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid

At the present time, it is becoming increasingly important to manage the logistics and transportation network of medical supplies from hospitals to the patients’ home. With the evolution of advanced treatment, changing economic conditions and ability to take care of the chronic disease patient at home both by the patient themselves and his relatives cause the logistics of medical supplies from hospital and warehouses to patients’ home have been increased. Peritoneal dialysis fluid is a type of medical supply which Thai public health sector transports from the warehouse to the home of patient who exercise a right of certain type of treatment. Therefore, if there is the development of peritoneal dialysis fluid transportation network for the patient who exercise a right of type of treatment which has not yet have the peritoneal dialysis fluid transport service to the location. Theories and models of the transportation network can be used as an alternative to the study framework. Keywords - Logistics Network, Aggregated Planning, Inventory cost