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The Application of ISM Technique to Analyze the Relationship of Elements Influencing on the Decision-Making of using “KhonKaen City Bus” Public Transport Services: A Case Study of KhonKaen Municipality

In driving the KhonKaen Smart City development plan on the issue of “Smart Mobility” in KhonKaen Province which is a city municipality with the 22nd population density in the country, KhonKaen Municipality has developed a public transportation system to serve people in the municipality. In particular, city bus transportation which is available service to solve environmental problems and increase the quality of life of people in the area. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship of various elements influencing the decision to use public transportation among residents by using the ISM technique, which is brainstorming from an experienced transport specialist in the area, to analyze the data to classify and find complex relationships of each element. The results of the study found that the main element influencing on the decision-making of public transport services were the costs and accessibility of public transit. Keywords - Public Transportaion Services, ISM Technique