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Improving Patient’s Experience, Staff Satisfaction, and Quality of Care through Implementing Nursing Hourly Rounding

Objective To improve patients and staff satisfaction, the quality of services and patient experience Background Patient satisfaction is a key metric that influences both hospital ratings and reimbursement. Studies have suggested that purposeful nursing rounds can improve patient satisfaction. King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC) Nursing Administration received many complaints from the patients regarding the health care services provided to them. In order to improve the health care services and patient experience, purposeful hourly nursing rounds project was implemented. Method Systematic tool as checklist was prepared and reformulated twice due to the non-compliance by the staff and the checklist being too detailed to be completed later it was simplified an as Tender Loving care checklist and was implemented by the nurses among all patients admitted in Neuroscience Unit (NSU), Specialized Surgical unit (SSU), Medical Ward(MW) and Surgical Extension (SU) daily, periodic auditing for compliance of staff, daily rounds of Nursing leaders to understand its impact on patients Result The result of the project focused on Patient’s complaints, which decreased from 24 to only 4 patient’s complaints, staff compliance which was 62% at the beginning of the project to 91% by the end and the appreciation letters received for the staff by the patients and their families, Hospital acquired pressure ulcer reduced from 05 to 02, the rate of fall reduced from 05 to 03 and fewer call bells noticed and verbalized by nurses. Conclusion The project concludes that it was not only limited in improving patients satisfaction, but also reduced the number of Hospital Acquired Pressure injury and the number of fall. Keywords - TLC: Tender Loving Care; KAMC: King Abdullah Medical City; NSU: Neuroscience Unit; SSU: Specialized Surgical Unit; MW: Medical Ward; SU: Surgical Ward; UBC: Unit Based council; RN: Registered Nurse; PCT: Patient Care technician; HN: Head Nurse