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Safety of the Drinking Water in China: Sharing Chinese University Studentsí Concerns About the Tap and Bottled Water Quality in Wenzhou

Both tap and bottled water quality for residents of Wenzhou have been investigated and evaluated. Physical characterizations such as pH of the drinking water were tested. The results demonstrated that the pH parameters of both bottled and tap water provided unsatisfactory status and were acidic. The tap water and 12-bottled water tested out of 16 required additional chemicals (e.g. baking soda or sodium bicarbonate) in order to regulate and maintain their normal range for pH. The data included in this study came from 330 studentsí, aged 18-23, survey responses and 100 individual interviews with students. Hence, the mixed methods used in this study incorporated simple descriptive statistics of 8 multiple choice item responses. The result of this study indicate that Chinese University studentsí hold inappropriate conceptions about their tap and bottled water and were distrustful of the quality of the drinking water found in Wenzhou. Index Terms- Chinese Studentsí Perspectives On Bottled And Tap Water Quality, Potable Drinking Water In China, Quality Drinking Water In Wenzhou, And Ph Of The Bottled And Tap Water In Wenzhou.