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Contemporary University Management Strategies

Purpose: The goal of the article is to present the role of contemporary university management strategies in the world. Design/methodology/approach: The article uses the method of observation and examining documents. The observation method is the basic way of collecting research material to be used for description and classification to analyze the examined reality, while the method of examining documents involves collecting, selecting, describing and interpreting scientifically interesting facts therein [[9]]. The study is a case study, where the authors used various techniques and tools for collecting and analyzing data, such as participatory observations and documenting the surveyed organizations and Internet sources. Findings: Currently, we can see the growing role of universities in the development of social and economic life of the country. Globalization, an aging population or an increasing demand for limited resources have forced universities to adapt to the changing conditions and requirements of the labor market. Universities faced the need to introduce a number of changes related to improving the quality of services they offer, increasing the number of studies they run and increasing cooperation between the education and business. Originality/value: The presented analysis is important because it points out to the role of universities in the development of their potential and in increasing competitiveness on both regional, national and international markets. To achieve this, universities must implement a number of changes. Some of them involve increasing the financial resources of the state to fund universities’ initiatives both in the area of education and research they conduct. It is also important to put emphasis on improving the quality of education and implementing modern teaching methods based on information technologies, as well as strengthening cooperation with the private sector, which will contribute to an increased contribution to the growth and development of innovation. Keywords - Public Education, Management Model, Strategic Management, Universities