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The Potential of Gold Mine Development Project: A Case Study of Chifunde District in Mozambique

The exploration carried out to date has confirmed several high-grade gold deposits and the high overall outlook of the project area. In addition, there is the potential for the presence of Fe Cu-Au-U-REE oxide deposits (Cu-Au type) and alkaline porphyry Cu-Au deposits associated with Mesoproterozoic granitoids within the limits of the project area and immediate surroundings. The orogenic event was accompanied by the generation of metamorphic and hydrothermal fluids containing Au (Ag and Cu) that infiltrated the shear network and impulse zone and resulted in the extensive formation of litho-structurally controlled gold deposits. In the mineralization map now updated, 200 sample points were plotted with the respective levels ranging from 0.001 g / t to 63 g / t. The inferred mineral resource is 178.2 tons, the reserve was calculated using the Triangular Method, based on data from the 5 holes drilled in the study area so far. Regarding the laboratory results, they indicate that most of the gold is extracted in the panned concentrate and panned middling portions which combined make up 0,8% of the total sample size. This gold will be processed in a beneficiation plant composed of mills, sieves, and deposit boxes, with an installed capacity of 20 tons / hour. Keywords - Gold, Silver, Copper, Mineralization, Processing