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Longitudinal Research on How Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Affect Organizational Identification

In this study, I used the social identity perspective to explore the mechanisms through which corporate social responsibility (CSR) influence employee and customer identification, respectively, as well as its subsequent outcomes. The aim of these four-wave longitudinal studies wasconducted twofold. I posited that external CSR fulfillment focusing on external customers enhances perceived respect and elicited customer-company identification and their satisfaction and recommend intention; whereas internal CSR actions focusing on employee welfare improvedperceived respect and then influenced organization identification and their performance and citizenship behavior (Study 1 and Study 2). Theserelationships predicted to vary in strength, however, due to individual differencesin cultural (collectivism and individualism) orientations(Study 3 and Study 4).The resultswere discussed in terms of their implications for both the understanding of the psychology of CSR as well as social identity theory moregenerally. Keywords - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Internal CSR, External CSR, Perceived Respect, Organizational Identification, Customer-company Identification, Job Performance, Citizenship Behavior, Satisfaction, Recommend Intention.