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Sustainable Water Resources Facility Management: Essential Tool for Public Health and Hygienic Environment in Nigeria

Water resources are precious to humanity and overall management of their use is significant to the general public health, development, economy and environmental sustainability of any nation. This paper focuses on the sustainable water facilities management, planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance of the water resources facilities for contemporary lives, public health, economy, conservation of resources and hygienic environment for national development, resource management and environmental sustainability. It focuses on identifying the challenges facing proper management of water project for sustainable engineering infrastructure. It also examines Nigeria’s water management policies and reforms; major challenges and methods adopted over the years towards optimal exploitation and utilization. Data on water management strategies were obtained from the experts, national archives and other water related public agencies. The environmental implications of water system also are examined taking into specific account the link to sustainable development. Against this background, the issues militating against effective management of water resources were highlighted. The conclusion made revealed sustainable water resource management is an essential tool for public health, economy and greener environment. The probabilities for improvement of water project projects is extremely high if proper financing, professional ethics without corruption, adequate construction strategies, economy, public health, manpower development and maintenance measures are taken into consideration. Recommendation made includes improvement of budget allocated in Nigeria to water system. Keywords - Professional, Management, Infrastructure, Manpower Development, Sustainability