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A Study of Learning &Development, Team Work, Work Culture & Leadership as well as Demographic Characteristics of Employees on Engagement Level of Employees in Telecom Organisation

Employee engagement has evolved significantly and has become a buzz word in recent past in Human Recourses field. Employee engagement measures the level of commitment and involvement of an employee towards the organization. An engaged employee is aware of organisation goals and works towards for achieving it by improving his worn performance. The employee engagement creates a positive atmosphere in the work culture an intern it increase the productivity of the employees and their commitment towards the organisation. This study focuses on the specifc factors which affect the employee engagement pertaining to the Telecom Organisations and what the organisation needs to do to ensure that their employees are engaged positively. The focus of the organisation towards employee engagement results into increasing the productivity, profit, quality, customer satisfaction, and employee retention as well as organisations market value. Keywords - Employee Engagement, Telecom Organisation, Effectiveness of Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, Quality Outcome, Productivity, Performance