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The Study of Reasons to Promote Speaking Skills of the Immigration Officers Working at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport and the Government Complex

This study focused on exploring the most/least reasons to promote speaking skills of the 22 immigration officers working at Suvarnabhumi and Don mueang Airport and the Government Complex. Based on the open-ended interview data, the most significant reasons that would help the immigration officers to be able to communicate in English are confidence (9 persons) and language competence (4 persons). Besides, having self-esteem, attitude towards the importance of English, motivation, and speaking frequency in their real life were considered as the secondary reasons (2 persons each). They believed that long-time working experiences, speaking regardless of grammatical rules and vocabulary could help them to communicate with the foreign tourists. When asking about the least important reason that would help them to have better speaking skill, the finding found that more than a half of the immigration officers stated embarrassment (12 persons), motivation and self-esteem are equally proportioned (3 persons), anxiety (2 persons), and the last two mentioned reasons are attitude towards the importance of English and language competence (one person each) accordingly. The immigration officers believe that communicating in English could be done through speaking regardless grammatical rules. Moreover, they need to deal with foreign tourists unavoidably and some of them have worked for many years. Therefore, embarrassment is ignored otherwise they would not be able to work properly. Keywords- English Oral Communication, Speaking Problems, Promote Speaking Skills.