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Spatial Analysis and Assessment of Agricultural Drought Vulnerability in Arid Regions using GIS technique, A case Study for Pishkouh Watershed, Yazd Province, Iran

Drought impacts are very critical and especially costly affecting more people than any other type of natural disaster universally. Today in the world, decision makers follow several methods for adaptability and to reduce damages of natural disasters such as drought. They suggest that this issue in drought management should have been considered by a risk management approach, and beside it, a combination of disaster management and risk in times different applied concurrent. The purpose of this study was to assess the vulnerability and spatial analysis of drought in Pishkuh watershed in Yazd province. the effective parameters in the vulnerability of agricultural drought in the region became information layers, and after weighting the layers in terms of the importance of agricultural drought vulnerability in the framework of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) Agricultural drought in the study area was prepared. In order to control, monitoring and evaluation the final map, field studies of the study area were also used. The results showed that the highest weight of the effective parameters in drought vulnerability was related to the precipitation parameter, the value of which is equal to 0.31, and the weight of the other parameters included water resources are 0.19, slope 0.15, evaporation 0.12, soil texture 0.09, geological formations 0.06 and the minimum weight is related to the parameter for the slope with the value of 0.05. According to the obtained results, the most vulnerable agricultural droughts were related to southern, western and southwestern areas of Pishkuh watershed. Geomorphologically, these areas were considered to be high and mountainous, more severe than plain areas due to the low depth of sediments, coarse-grained soil texture and aquatic resources (Qanats), mainly their vulnerability to drought, and In terms of time, they suffer more quickly, in other words, they suffer a lot of damage in the short term. Keywords - Agricultural Drought, vulnerability, spatial analysis Comprehensive management, GIS.