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Risk Assessment of the Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

In the world nowadays, PVs (Photovoltaic cell) have been a major alternative renewable energy that are intended to replace the current old generation non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels and natural gases. However, due to its authentic new technology, there are yet lots of publications that are focused on the risks involved during the operational and maintenance procedure of the solar panel. This topic is important to discuss especially when taking into account the additional benefits and installation of the technology itself as well as the direction of our engineering field which slowly taking routes towards green and safe energy system. With this in mind, the scopes that will be discussed in this paper are: (i) the importance of maintaining the life cycle of solar panel; (ii) the total risk assessment that will be involved mainly during operational and maintenance procedure; (iii) the total hazards during operational and maintenance process that will affect the total life cycle and performance of solar panel; (iv) the proposed recommendation to control the risk involved during the process. The result of our findings can be used as a baseline for future research and development. Keywords - Solar panel; Green and safe energy system; Risk Assessment Analysis