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Culture-Orientation Internationalization Typology of Tokyo City University: A Diversified Education in English Vignette

In the past five years, Tokyo City University has embarked on an internationalization program as a way to foster globalization among their students to prepare them for life and work in an increasingly global society. It has been a gradual and progressive process whose development and performance can be viewed holistically through the lens of university culture and orientation. Using the Typology of University Culture by Sporn (1996), the aspect of diversified education in English through business courses taught by academic exchange faculty is analyzed and assessed by way of the explanation building case method to identify the culture-orientation typology of Tokyo City University. It was concluded that Tokyo City University is exhibiting a strong culture-external orientation internationalization typology, specifically in proactive participation of stakeholders in aspects of curriculum enhancements, resource mobilization and sharing of international interest and expertise. Keywords - University Culture, University Internationalization, Diversified Education, Academic Exchange, Career Preparation