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Problems Regarding Legal Measurement for Dealing with Fake News on Social Media in Thailand

The research called Fake news and the law: Case study on Thai social media aimed to analyze the situation regarding fake news in social media platform in Thailand versus the legal measurement in the country. By applying qualitative research approach, researcher found that there are over 500 case of hoax new in 2015 involving 3 main topics which are health, religion, and politics. Mostly, fake news on social media has unique characteristic. The most popular one is called ‘Bogus’. In details, it referred to the news that is a perfect lie but it looks very convincing with content, picture, and information including language, and website which is resemble to a real one. Presently, there are various measurement created to encounter fake news. ‘Sui generis’ law is the way to fight fake news in case of China and Singapore. Muti-measures are applied in several countries. While Thailand still stick on current law since there are multiple Acts and legislations apply to the case. However, government is enthusiastic about the issue so that the agency establishes fake news center. Anyway, there is the worrisome regarding the transparency of the center. Instead of encountering fake news, the center is used as a political tool to destroy the opposites. Keywords - Fake News, Law, Social Media, Thailand