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Experimental Analysis of Desiccation Cracks in Composite Landfill Liners with Fly Ash and Brick Dust

This study illustrates the desiccation cracks of composite landfill liners using image analysis technique. To these attempts, composite liners were prepared with fly ash and brick dust at varying mixing proportions and different moisture content. The drying and wetting cycles were subjected on liner specimens. The desiccation cracks in terms of intensity factor (CIF), crack density factor (CDF) and cracks area were quantified. Result reveals CIF, CDF and crack area reduces with the increasing of fly ash and brick dust content. Additionally, CIF, CDF and cracks area increases with the increasing of water content. Result reveal liners with moisture content equals to liquid limit showed comparatively higher desiccation cracks than that of liners with optimum moisture content and plastic limit. The image processing technique through this study provided a better and easiest way to analyze desiccation cracks of liners. Keywords - Composite landfill liners, desiccation cracks, cycles, ImageJ, MATLAB, Khulna.