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Aspects of Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations Management in the Classification of Public Information Disclosure

The principle of openness on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 39 of 2014 on the Plantations has not been explicitly explained in the legislation below it. The management system of sustainable palm oil plantations does not yet provide enough space for stakeholders to implement the principle of openness, this is partly due to the lack of classification of public information as mandated in Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 of 2008 on the Public Information Disclosure. The classification of public information disclosure on aspects of sustainable palm oil plantations management is formulated using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. The results of the analysis classify aspects of the management of sustainable oil palm plantations into several categories, namely: "depending on request" as many as 5 aspects, "available at any time" as many as 1 aspect, "periodically available" amounted to 1 aspect, "depending on request and or available at any time "as many as 3 aspects," depending on demand and or available periodically "1 aspect, as well as" depending on request, and or available at any time, and or available periodically "amounted to 1 aspect. Keywords - Information Disclosure, Plantation, Sustainability, Classification, AHP