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Relationship between Information Technology and Saudi Youth for the Months of 06/2005 and 10/2017

Information Technology (IT) has changed human lives and affected the way we view the world. The Internet, and related Information and Communication Technologies ICTs, have speedily extended to many countries and great variety of cultures. Further, many of these technologies aid and facilitate activities, such as interpersonal communication, interaction, and exchange, whose modes and means bind closely to culture. Consequently, new forms of social behavior and cultural values and norms have emerged around them. Information technology includes communication and related gadgets that facilitate the entire communication, entertainment, learning, and infrastructure associated intended at enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and timely achievements. On the other hand, society entails a group of who share norms, perceptions, and behavior. The scope limited to Saudi Arabia’s culture and common practices against information technology. The study investigated and identified the relationship between Information Technology and its impact on Saudi Society on 06/2005 and 10/2017 by application of content analysis of Saudi newspaper on mentioned months. The study found out that technology has changed significantly over the defined period ideally in all social aspects of education, entertainment, religion, traditions, and lifestyle. Consequently, these changes adequately regulate the social practices and influence traditional practices. Some of the noted differences include the appreciation of international sources of information and data, and decreased extremism. Thus, technology highly influences and is highly influenced by the society.