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Medfinder: Mobile based Medicine Finder for Santa Rosa Laguna

Finding medicine or locating drugstore should be easy and not time consuming, time that can be used to do other things that can increase productivity. Consumer must also be able to maximize the budget that they have, providing them the capability to compare prices of medicine from the different drugstore in a convenient way would allow them to get the best price for their money more easily. This paper covers the development and documentation of a working prototype entitled “MedFinder”. The purpose of this study is to develop a mobile application that aims to provide the consumers with information such as drugstore where medicine can be bought, navigation to drugstore’s location, price of medicine from different drugstore and drugstore’s contact information. This information will help consumers to maximize both their time and budget when it comes to finding the medicine that they need. Using the prototyping methodology, the researchers were able to conduct great development of the MedFinder which led it to provide outstanding results. The researcher was able to produce a mobile application that allows the consumers to access the medicine they need more conveniently. The consumers are satisfied with the functionality being offered by the application, they can find and compare prices of medicine seamlessly. It is hoped that this study can shed knowledge on future researchers about Medical Technology and some literature related to this topic. Keywords - Medicine, Drugstore, Locator, Geo-location, Mobile Application, Information System, Medical Technology