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How Social Media Marketing Affect Brand Awareness on The E-Commerce Industry in Indonesia

With a population of 269 million people and ranks the fourth most populous country in the world, only half of Indonesia's population is currently penetrated by the internet. These circumstances, nevertheless, are seen as a golden opportunity for e-commerce companies because it holds an abundance of unexploited potential. Concurrently, Indonesia is the country with the highest rate of e-commerce adoption in the world in 2019 with as many as 90 percent of internet users aged 16 to 64 years in Indonesia have purchased products and services online. This creates increasingly dynamic competition from time to time in the e-commerce industry, both in terms of the quantity of players, product treats, innovation and the utmost goal of becoming the largest e-commerce company in Indonesia. To be able to win the fierce competition, one approach that must be taken is for an e-commerce company must have a well-planned, effective and targeted marketing strategy, especially for their online presence through social media. This study aims to analyze how social media marketing affects brand awareness on the e-commerce industry in Indonesia and try to formulate the best practice that leads to success. This research utilizes secondary qualitative research to collect data from reliable sources. A thorough analysis finds that social media marketing plays a crucial role in affecting brand awareness for an e-commerce company as described in the study. Utilizing the framework developed throughout the study, e-commerce companies should heavily focus on doing research and development to establish their brand awareness through social media marketing, as this might be the key for e-commerce companies to win the competition. Keywords - Brand Awareness, E-commerce, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Social Media Marketing.