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The Creative Marketing Strategy Platform for Competitive Advantages of Makiang Products: A Case Study of Ban Buak Pao Agricultural Products

The research aimed to study and analyze the marketing structure, and develop a creative marketing strategy platform for Makiang products from Ban Buak Pao Agricultural Product Processing Enterprise. Data were collected by surveying the community context, in-depth interviews as well as group discussion. They were analyzed by content analysis. The results of the study showed that the products of Makiang have a marketing gap and a high market opportunity in the medical cosmetic market, and healthy food and healthy beverage market. As for the marketing strategy platform, it is found that the product must build consumer confidence in safe production under the use of a family brand and expand the customer base to niche markets and drive standardized production. Price is classified by the market segment by the general market with low prices and the niche market for high prices. For the place, the distribution has to be are widely used in general market segments and selections in the niche market. In the aspect of promotion, the utilization of integrated marketing promotion tools through social media must be applied. As for personalized marketing applies experience marketing to build relationships, participation, experience, and sales throughout the customer lifetime value to gain loyalty and share of customers’ mind. Keywords - Platform, Marketing Mix Strategy, Makiang