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Management of Mental Health Issues and Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Cross River State Nigeria

The Study investigated management of mental health issues and academic performance of Secondary School Students in Cross River State, Nigeria. The study was guided by two hypotheses and a descriptive survey method was emphasized by the researcher. The population of the study comprised 259 Secondary School Principals and 323 School Counsellors. Z-test was used in answering the research questions and testing the null hypothesis respectively.Based on the findings, the result of the study indicate that adolescent students have many challenges regarding their emotional health during their Secondary School years and School teachers are uniquely placed to assist in detecting these challenges. The study identifies the need for more mental health Professionals, including Counsellor and School Social Workers in Secondary Schools, and for purposes of school-based micro practice the necessity for more staff and teacher training on how to enhance students support. Recommendations include that a survey on student’s mental health be conducted every three to five years to serve as guide to policy makers, health Practitioners and University authorities should collaborate on provision of congenial environment and training for School Counsellors on the management of metal health Students. Keywords - Management, Mental Health Issues and Academic Performance