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Dead End Free Topology Maintainance Protocol for Sinktrail

Wireless sensor network uses a sensor to monitor and record physical condition of environment and organised the data at central location. There is sufficient flexibility in the movement of mobile sinks to dynamically adapt to various terrestrial changes, without requirement of GPS devices or predefined landmark. SinkTrail established a logical coordinate system for routing and forwarding data packets, making it suitable for diverse application scenario. SinkTrail protocol suffer from dead end while routing or forwarding data packets. Our proposal reduces the control overhead and find out alternative neighbourhood node if dead end situation occur in SinkTrail. It also find the shortest routing path using dead end free topology.The dead end phenomenon (also known as the local maximum problem) when performing geographic forwarding in wireless sensor network add some overheads forward the packet to the alternative route. Keywords SinkTrail Protocol, Greedy Algorithm, Dead End Free Topology.