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On the Behaviour of Frequency-Reconfigurable Microstrip-line-fed Antenna with Hybrid Wide-Slot for Multiband Wireless Applications

In this paper, the multiband behaviour of the frequency-reconfigurable hybrid wide-slot antenna is studied. The proposed antenna consists of a hybrid wide-slot antenna, i.e., a combination of trapezium and semi-circular wide-slots. Both the wide-slots are merged with the help of three PIN diodes that help the proposed antenna to resonate in different resonating frequencies. When all the three PIN diodes are in ON-state, the proposed antenna resonates in three different frequency bands, i.e., 1.04-1.25 GHz (Band-I), 3.50-8.55 GHz (Band-II) and 10.84-13.16 GHz (Band-III). The peak gain in all Band-I, Band-II and Band-III frequency bands varies from 11.15-21.09 dB, 1.45-3.83 GHz and 0.78-3.71 dB, respectively. The overall size of the proposed hybrid wide-slot antenna is 25×32 mm2.