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Design Program Initiative Implementing Strategies from 4-Ps of Lean Construction Principles and Value Management Aiming to Integrate Sustainable Practices in Philippine Construction Industry

Tagline: Eliminate Waste, Build Quality, Empower Team Every construction project is characterized by being complex. Over the years the productivity and performance of the construction industry in the Philippines has been declining. Plus, the reality that construction has been one of the largest polluters ever-since it started. This study proposes a plan of action that addresses these situations by introducing the concept of lean construction principles and value management. The objective of this research is to integrate the sustainability of the construction industry in the Philippines. Sustainability was measured through triple-bottom-line. The paper explores the idea by reviewing different literatures to support theories and statements. It expands to measuring the performances of the construction related tofirms/companies in the Philippines, through four major categories, namelyphilosophy, process, people/partner and plant. The results were collected, analyzed and validated through different statistical treatments. For the last part the researchers came up with a program that consisted of 20-suggested strategies which would help on eliminating waste, building quality and empowering team. Keywords - Sustainable Practices, Value Management, Lean Construction Principles