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The Performance Evaluation of Chinese Commercial Banks under Fintech: An Application of the Metafrontier Malmquist Productivity Index

Banks have an important position in the financial system in China. With the increasing influence of Fintech on the traditional financial industry, understanding the operation performance of banks will help banks to recognize their own advantages and promote the development of the national economy. According to previous studies, most of them used DEA to evaluate the performance of Chinese banks, this paper follows the study of Oh and Lee(2010) by employing Metafrontier Malmquist Productivity Index(MMPI) model, takes 2010-2018 as the research period, and takes 2013 - the first year of Fintech in China - as the event date, discussing the performance of state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks and city commercial banks around the event date. The result shows that the MMPI of all banks have improved and joint-stock commercial banks is the highest. State-owned commercial banks are better than others in technical efficiency change. The technical change index has the best effect on city commercial banks, and important for productivity improvement. Joint-stock commercial banks are the best on the technical gap change and the closest to the overall frontier, also represent technology leadership. Keywords: Chinese Commercial Banks, Financial Technology(Fintech), Performance Evaluation, Metafrontier Malmquist Productivity Index