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An Application of the Multi-Activity Dynamic Network Dea Model in Csr and Operation :The Case of Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan

In order to solve the scale inefficiency caused by the flooding of banks, the government encourages the establishment of financial holding companies. A Financial Holding Company (FHC) is a financial conglomerate, including banking, credit card industry, insurance, securities, futures, etc. The benefit of the FHC is to allocate resources effectively among each subsidiary, and therefore can maximize the operational efficiency of the overall company. Because of the concept of sustainable development, in addition to paying attention to the operating performance of financial holding companies, the public also began to require companies should take responsibility for all stakeholders. This study use Multi-activity Dynamic Network DEA (MDNDEA) model to find the target financial holding company which is efficient both in CSR and Operations. Keywords - Financial Holding Company, Multi-Activity Dynamic Network DEA, Corporate Social Responsibility