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Entrepreneurship and Scientific Research in the Nutraceutical Industry. The Concentration and Dispersion Intellectual Property

This article analyzes the nutraceutical industry worldwide through the number of companies in this category. Intellectual property is measured by counting the patents have been generated worldwide and the number of publications produced by so-called, scientific stars of the most important countries. The involvement of business and academia is essential to the development and success of this industry, but not least, the protection of intellectual generated to maintain the level of innovation necessary for growth of the nutraceutical industry inventions. This article shows the importance of the nutraceutical industry in the field of healthy foods, emphasizing the trend and profile companies and academics to protect their creations and inventions through intellectual property. It is analyzing the regulations of different countries, companies involved in this industry, the theory of entrepreneurship, knowledge and intellectual property. Index Terms- Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Nutraceuticals, Scientific Research.