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Effectiveness of Leadership in Public Hospitals of Nepal

Managerial efficiency is the composition of diverse set of skill and knowledge. The set of skill such as innovative ideas, strategic capabilities, highly integrated communication skill and associative employee participation are key significance of managerial competencies. Nepalese hospitals are also managed by same sort of managerial potentiality but road of quality achievement are far ahead. This is due to the gap between actual and expected performance of hospital. Although, quality management of private hospital seems to be satisfactory but public hospitals in this matter are no match. Nepal being the developing country has to serve lager chunk of population who are suffering from poverty. Hence, need of public hospitals are imminent in Nepalese context. But, due to influence of politics in Nepalese public hospital leadership has not become effective as expectation. Therefore, this paper has tried to put its foot forward on finding the various lacking in leadership of public hospital in Nepal. Additionally this paper also tries to knot linked between gap of managerial lacking and quality management for enhancing leadership skill in public hospitals of Nepal. Keywords - Leadership, Managerial Competencies