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Education in Palestine Compared with Education in Finland and Japan

The article reveals the importance of reading about education in Finland and japan comparing them with our educational system in Palestine, highlighting the most important and similar points between systems of education in these countries. one would think that an occupied land like Palestine and countries of Europe like japan and Finland have different system for education their children. comparison of the school system in Europe and Palestine reveals several similarities and differences. the sustainable development goals were adopted by the united nations discusses the right for every child in an equal education, no one will have left behind. they are the leaders of tomorrow, to achieve this vision, countries have to reform their educational system, this was our main goals behind the comparison between educational system in Finland, japan and Palestine. in this report, we reveal the result of this comparison, we wish to be benefit in reforming education in Palestine because it is an investment in the future of Palestine and Palestinian. Keywords - Higher Education, School Education, Compulsory Education, School Curriculum, Educational System, Curriculum Reform, Curriculum.