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Literary Techniques used to Adaptlilit Taleng Phai to Achakrabhand Puppet Play

This research aims to study the literary techniques used to adapt LilitTalengPhai to a Chakrabhand puppet play. The study reveals that four literary techniques were used to make such adaption: the first is the adaptation of the content, primarily the addition of King Naresuan’s background, the removal ofthe scenes of MinkyiSwa, as well as the rearrangement of events; the second is the adaptation of characters, includingthe addition of Princess SuwannaKanlayaniand the adaptation ofthe habit of the MinkyiSwa character; the third is the adaptation of the prosody, namely the change of prosody from lilit consisting of khlong and rai to klonthatis more suitable for singing withnaphat songs and the addition of prose dialogue; the fourth is the adaptation of the presentation,specificallythe adaptation of the invocation and the creation of Burmese accent in the music. These literary techniques play a significant role not only in adapting LilitTalengPhai–literature for reading–to TalengPhai: AChakrabhandPuppet Play–literature for performance – but also in emphasisingthe message of the story, the courage of King Naresuanshowing howhe can overcomeMinkyiSwa in the elephant battle. Keywords - Adaptation, LilitTalengPhai, TalengPhai: AChakrabhandPuppet Play.